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Daily Bible Verse: May 22, 2015
" Be thou exalted, O Jehovah, in thy strength: So will we sing and praise thy power. "
Psalms 21:13   (ASV)
Come and worship God with us...
9:30am   - Bible Study
10:30am - Worship
3:00pm - Spanish Worship
5:00pm   - Worship
7:00pm   - Worship
7:00pm   - Spanish Bible Study
Every 3rd Saturday:
7:00pm   - Singing

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picture of the church building
We're located at...

phone: (219)845-8942
2133 169th St.
Hammond, IN
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We are a loving group that strives to serve God according to the pattern in the New Testament...
Sermons in Audio and Video that are both downloadable and playable...
Archived list of sermons from before the merger...
Nov. 2nd - 7th Falling into God's word 9:30am, 10:30am & 5:00pm (Sun.), 7:00pm (Mon. - Fri.) (speaker: Phil Arnold)
May 22nd, 10:00 A.M. : "Baptism for the Dead" (speaker: Bill White)
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